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Dan Tague

The Almighty Dollar, 2012, archival inkjet print, 44 x 38 inches

Holy Shit, 2013, archival inkjet print, 39 x 37 inches

Nothing to Fear, 2010, archival inkjet print, 42 x 34 inches

Love and Hate, 2010, archival inkjet print, 45 x 34 inches

The Heat is On, 2010, archival inkjet print, 38 x 35 inches

Trust No One, 2011, archival inkjet print, 32.5 x 34.5 inches

Live Free or Die, 2011, archival inkjet print, 41 x 55.5 inches

The Kids are Alright, 2011, archival inkjet print, 43 x 52 inches

Resistance is Futile, 2011, archival inkjet print, 40 x 40 inches

I scrolled back and forth between these images several times before I realized they were positioned to spell out words.


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I’m not on here enough… :/

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I lie a lot to save myself

The remedy is comforting

It’s like seeing the puddles refection

It’s like falling to be healed

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Ultimate Comics: All-New Spider-Man #23 

You fall off a horse, you get back on.

Love this series…

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Photo 4 Feb Hark the Gorilla~

Hark the Gorilla~

Photo 4 Feb Picture I’m working on…

Picture I’m working on…

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For all u street fighter fans :D


For all u street fighter fans :D

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All of my yes…

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